Artichoke Range

Italy is one of the world's largest producers of artichokes and we just couldn't resist including this delicious vegetable in our new range. Visit Italian markets in early spring and you will be spoiled for choice - why not serve them on our beautiful ceramics.

Tomato and Chicory Range

Delight your guests with tasty salads in our colourful tomato and chicory range. Brighten up your barbecue with our bowls and platters - guaranteed to bring back those holiday memories! Our new asymmetric shape adds a contemporary feel to your dining experience.


Bold colours chosen specially to combine with our fruit and vegetable ranges. Why not try a set of our medium bowls for pasta or a set of our small bowls for desserts. Mix and match your colours.

Aubergine Range

The vibrant colours of this range are simply stunning. The contemporary square and modern shapes show off the aubergine and radicchio design. Impress your guests!

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Grape Range

Grapes are synonymous with Italian culture and our grape range is perfect for serving your favourite cheeses with a glass of bianco or rosso. Use our stunning bowls for fruit and pour your wine from our beautiful jugs - the perfect cheese and wine party!

Lemon Range

The ubiquitous Italian limoni are an essential part of our collection - consistently a favourite with our customers - choose your background colour, and mix and  match your lemons with our other fruit,vegetable and bold colour ranges. 

Pomegranate Range

Use our pretty pomegranate range with other ranges such as the peppers or the figs, and complement it with our stunning bold colour range. A pomegranate bowl or platter will make an eye-catching centrepiece on your dining table!

Fig Range

Another Italian favourite! The beautiful, rich green design of these bowls and platters can be used for serving a variety of fruit, vegetables and many other foods. Use as centrepieces with a white dinner service or complement it with our other ranges. 

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